Inspiring school change through the arts

We’ve just launched our Programme for 2018-2021

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Welcome to Creative Schools

We tackle the real-world challenges faced by schools through innovative creative projects.

We broker projects through our broad network of partners and our network gives arts and culture a bigger voice in education.

Together we can make schools more creative.

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Creative Schools consults with senior leaders to understand your challenges, School Improvement Plan, and aspirations for pupils, beyond the arts. We then find the right projects or intervention through our broad network of cultural partners. We give you all the options (with costings) in one go, saving you time and ensuring maximum impact and cost efficiency.

The programme also aims to foster lasting connections between the arts, culture and education in east London, through termly CPD for teachers, events, and annual Symposium.

We aim to keep things simple for schools as we know how busy you are.

What Creative Schools Can Offer You 

Innovative ways to tackle the real-world challenges on your School Improvement Plan

Access to the best projects, with a menu of options that are tailored to your school’s needs

Generous match funding to commission projects

A network of cultural education leaders in east London and beyond

CPD training every term and expert insights into the trends and focus in cultural education

Ambitious projects that encourage collaboration across clusters or trusts of schools for a big impact – and the option to pool funds!

Ensure that more pupils are accessing life-enhancing arts and culture, in a time of cuts

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Creative Schools is an amazing opportunity to expand your reach and deliver more projects across 6 boroughs of east London.  We get to know our cultural partners and once we understand a schools need, we’ll match their projects with schools who will truly value the contribution to their school community.  Our cultural partners have gone on to form lasting relationships with schools beyond the initial brokerage.

What Creative Schools Can Offer You

Incredible prospects for commissions that meet a real need in under-served communities, and in children’s lives.

A network of schools across 6 east London boroughs

A network of cultural education leaders in east London and beyond

CPD training and insights into the current trends and focus in cultural education

Exciting new artistic opportunities and the chance to tailor bespoke projects in response to school need.

Find out more about becoming a cultural partner

Ensure that more children and young people are participating in imaginative arts projects.

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