Our Vision

Creative Schools sets out an ambitious vision for enhanced cross-sector partnership working and collaboration. By joining up resources, knowledge and expertise, we aim to create maximum impact for children, young people and schools in East London, without reinventing the wheel or duplicating activity.

The change we are creating

  • More children and young people in East London schools engaged in creative activities
  • More schools accessing creative opportunities that meet their needs
  • Increased commitment and practice around delivering high quality cultural education
  • More cultural education investment available for the benefit of children and young people

This vision is being delivered across four strands of work

1. Establishing new brokerage infrastructure that enables schools to meet their improvement needs through the arts
Creative Schools Brokerage, led by Stratford Circus Arts Centre, is helping to connect schools with arts opportunities differently by looking at school improvement first. For the 2017/18 academic year we worked with 16 schools as part of an integrated Creative Schools Artsmark opportunity.  

2. Empowering youth voice within the commissioning process through student consultation and leadership opportunities
Children and young people sit at the heart of our vision and as part of the Creative Schools brokerage service Sound Connections is working directly with students to explore what children and young people see as important to their creative education as well as supporting schools and cultural practitioners to better understand how youth voice can feed into the commissioning of arts projects.

3. Strengthening practice and maximising efficiencies between organisations through enhanced collaboration and partnership opportunities
Our Collaborative Learning programme, led by people make it work, is supporting culture sector professionals to strengthen collaborative practice through structured learning, dialogue and experimentation. Monthly sessions bring Cultural Leaders together to develop new ways to work strategically with each other and with schools.

4. Exploring new business models that contribute to long-term investment in cultural education.
A key priority of the Creative Schools programme includes exploring new funding sources and revenue models that will support the scale, growth and reach of the programme in the long term. This includes research into emerging opportunities and drivers linked to the investment and regeneration plans impacting many parts of East London.

Creative Schools is supported by A New Direction, with funding from Arts Council England through Bridge funds, and is part of the London Cultural Education Challenge, an ambitious £900,000 three year programme designed to bring about a step-change in Cultural Education and young people’s cultural engagement in London.

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