Social Return on Investment

March 29, 2017

In our latest Collaborative Learning session, East London cultural partners explored Social Return on Investment analyses with Lizzie Trotter from MB Associates.

In the second of two sessions exploring Social Impact and Social Investment Funding, members of the Collaborative Learning Programme came together to delve deeper into how we account for, evidence and communicate the change we create through our work as arts practitioners and how this can be harnessed to our advantage.

Guided by Lizzie Trotter from MB Associates, we were introduced to the core principles of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach.

An SROI analysis can be used for planning and evaluation and is a brilliant tool to help tell the story of the difference your organisation makes in terms of financial, social, and environmental returns.

Seven principles of SROI

  1. Involve the people who matter
  2. Understand what changes
  3. Value the things that matter
  4. Only include what makes a difference
  5. Don’t over claim
  6. Be clear and transparent
  7. Verify the results

Top tips to get you started

Get involved in Creative Schools!

Its been an incredible year of Collaborative Learning with 60+ cultural organisations from East London sharing experiences and practice through monthly sessions looking at ‘What Schools Want’, ‘Participation in Action’ and ‘The One About the Money’.  We have lots planned for 2017/18 including a new strand exploring ‘Innovation’ that will bring partners together with leading innovators and change-makers in the sector.

To find out more about how East London’s Cultural Leaders are working together through Creative Schools and a programme of Collaborative Learning email hello@creativeschools.London.


Image credit:  Calise Lewis, Creative Schools Symposium, November 2016

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